We do household cleaning at home.
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Household Cleaning

The Reino da Limpeza is dedicated to household cleaning of houses, villas, apartments. Our professionals are reliable and leave your home shining, even in places of difficult access. You can request periodic and occasional house cleaning. Our service includes all cleaning products and equipment.

We do household cleaning at home!

The trust we place on our employees comes from years of experience and recognition identified by our clients. All our professionals have insurance.

Periodic Home Cleaning

The work developed allows your home to have a level of cleanliness and hygiene superior to traditional methods.

You can choose the period you want for regular cleaning of your home: daily, weekly, biweekly, fortnightly or other.

Occasional Home Cleaning

You may request occasionally and according to your preferences a maintenance cleaning or a deep cleaning for your home.

Occasional domestic cleaning is done by our professionals, who will be at your disposal during the agreed period, doing everything to satisfy your requests.